Casper Voogt

project manager & senior developer

As Plethora Design's founder, Casper brings more than 20 years of proven expertise in solving design and technical problems, from marketing strategy and research to conceptual and visual design, web design, web development, user interface design, web analytics, computer modeling, and web applications development. His unique blend of skills and insights have helped countless organizations and companies build their marketing presence. Casper has worked for Fortune 500 companies, universities, non-profits, aid agencies, health care IT companies, community-supported sites, research / advocacy organizations, dance companies, radio stations, manufacturers, small businesses, and many other kinds of clients over the years. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Architecture from Princeton University. Casper is an avid traveler and rockhound and mineral collector.


Jesse Voogt

senior developer

Jesse brings more than 15 years of broad-ranging web development experience to the table, including Drupal, JavaScript, jQuery, .net, and e-learning. Jesse studied computing and design at the Georgia Institute of Technology and has been involved in web development in the DC region since 2005. He was involved in some of Plethora Design’s very first projects back in 2003.


Jeane Nevarez

content manager / graphic designer

Jeane manages content using Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, and assists with graphic design. She is an accomplished illustrator and artist, working with pencil, pen, pastel, Illustrator, and Photoshop. She is involved in CMS quality control, advising on editing workflow, and reviewing the user experience from a site manager's perspective. Jeane also works with configuring Drupal Views.


Ted Carver

database developer

Ted is an Information Technology specialist with over a quarter century of experience in data reconciliation, legacy data base conversions, and bridge applications development.  He has provided support to both large-scale government agency IS systems as well as small business applications. Ted has earned a reputation for his creative and efficient solution with custom software development. His particular areas of expertise include development of solutions and exploitation of MSSQL and Oracle database environments, as well as Microsoft and  .NET products (C++.net, VB.net, etc.) Recent client projects focus on web-based IT applications.  Ted holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.