Image slideshows with Drupal 7

We are frequently tasked with creating custom image slideshows for Drupal sites.

We work mainly in Drupal 7, and for simple home page sliders we like to use this combination;

  • New content type called Slide
  • Use Link Image Field and add that as a field in your Slide content type. Allow for unlimited images. This will allow you to link your slides to custom URLs and add titles, rel attributes etc.
  • A View (using Views) showing all results for nodes of type "Slide". Use fields display in combination with Nivo or Slideshow.
  • Try either Views Nivo Slider or Views Slideshow. We have had more luck with Views Slideshow. 
  • If using Views Slideshow, also consider Views Slideshow Configurable Controls, which enables next/pause/previous icons instead of just text links.
  • Create a new Slide node - let's call it "Home Slides". Add as many pictures as you need, and provide links for them as needed (thanks to Link Image Field). Save.
  • Edit your view and add a new display page or block. Add a filter for "nid" and restrict it to only the node ID of the "Home Slides" node you just created. Since we are including multiple images within a single node, we do not need to show multiple nodes. In the image field's settings make sure to NOT have it show multiple field results in a single row. We want them as separate rows so each photo will be separate. 
  • Add sorting as needed. Nodequeue isn't an option here, but you don't need it since you can drag and drop the images when editing the node. 
  • Your node is now essentially an image gallery exposed to Views. You could now also theme your Slide nodes to show thumbnail images in a gallery format, but you don't need to display the node. We only need it for Views.
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