Improved in-place content editing

August 27, 2016

Drupal 8.2 beta is out, and it is a harbinger of some pretty neat improvements in content editing. The main improvement is that adding blocks to regions on the page will no longer require you to go to /admin/structure/block, forcing you to navigate away from the page you were focused on. With Drupal 8.2 beta, you can add a block right on the page: It also improves the UI for configuring already existing blocks and menus. Now you can configure blocks and menus without having to navigate away:

Drupal 8 already allows Quick Edit for editing fields inline. In the example below, I am about to inline-edit a Body field:

This opens up a simple text editor without the typical editor toolbar:

If you then click on any part of the text, it will show the editor toolbar:

The new in-place configuration options help eliminate the need to dive into the backend admin pages – most of the time. This is a great new feature and one that I think most Drupal users will end up taking for granted as “just part of the Drupal experience” down the road. And that’s a good thing.

More about the Drupal 8.2 beta here