Friends of Florence Website Redesigned

November 16, 2021

Friends of Florence is a non-profit restoring Renaissance art in Italy. We have maintained Friends of Florence’s website since 2013. In 2015 we migrated it from Drupal 6 to 7, and in 2016 we made the layout fully responsive (mobile-friendly). We carried over the original layout, but have made major improvements along the way. Special attention was given to page speed and SEO.

We have just completed a total redesign of their website using WordPress. Our aim was to let the gorgeous Renaissance work shine, and to reinforce Friends of Florence’s mission of restoring these treasures. A few highlights:

  • We made a background video for the home page, distilling many hours of footage down to under four minutes.
  • We added before/after image comparison widgets to illustrate the effects of the restoration work.
  • The Projects page contains interactive map of projects.
  • Throughout the site we leveraged the fantastic images and videos provided by Friends of Florence and the photographers and videographers they work with.

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