Alliance for Financial Inclusion

financial policy organization

AFI is a global network of financial policymakers from developing and emerging countries working together to increase access to appropriate financial services for the poor. AFI was previously funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and in 2016 it attained independence. Partners include the G-20, World Bank, USAID, IDB, United Nations, World Economic Forum, and regional development banks. Members include the Central Bank of Brazil, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Da Afghanistan Bank, People's Bank of China,  and dozens of other national banks in developing countries. 

The original site was built with Drupal 6, which AFI asked us to migrate to Drupal 7 in 2012. We migrated the site to Drupal 8 and built an interactive member map (with Gall-Peters projection), searchable publications archives, events, a fully responsive layout, and overall leaner and cleaner code for an optimal user experience. The content has been structured to allow for flexible growth over time, using custom content types and tagging. The updated Drupal 8 site was launched August 13th, 2016.

Alliance for FInancial Inclusion
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