Cima Solutions Group

Texas-based IT solutions company

Minority-owned enterprise with deep skills focused on delivering Optimized Information Technology Infrastructure, Cloud Enabling Technology and Solutions, and Business Continuity Solutions. Cima SG had several existing sites that needed to be brought together under one roof. One (their blog) used WordPress, another was their corporate site (using Google Sites) and another was a custom-built site using a combination of HTML and PHP includes. We built a new site using their WordPress site as a basis, integrating the other sites into it as one cohesive whole. After helpig maintain that WordPress site for about two years, the client was ready for an overhaul of both layout and functionality. Although the WordPress site had a blog, news section and events section, it was becoming unmanageable because each section required specialized layouts, for example for integrating EventBrite buttons for event registration, but only on events (not news items). Aside from that, the previous site was no mobile-friendly. 

We built a new site using Drupal 7, and imported all existing WordPress content. The editor features inline editing, including adding and rerrangging blocks of content on the fly using a drag-and-drop interface. This was achieved using Drupal's Panopoly distribution. The layout was built as a custom responsive theme on top of a Zen base theme. Using various Drupal modules for URL management we maintained the previous URLs and redirected them to new, better URLs to prevent 404 errors after go-live. 

Cima Solutions Group
DFW / Austin, TX
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