Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockville

Rockville Unitarian church site redesign

UUCR.org had an outdated site that had grown too large to manage without using a CMS. It had consisted of a collection of HTML files, some using Dreamweaver templates and some not. There wre many sub-sites, and all had to be brought under a single umbrella. Due to UUCR's need for member logins, member records, various content types, forms, editing by multiple team members, and more, we opted for Drupal 7 as the platform of choice. 

The site is responsive (mobile-friendly), and has been set up to allow UUCR to edit nearly every aspect of the site without asking for outside help. The interior pages feature header slideshows and a limited amount of text, followed by several boxes with graphics and minimal text. The design focused on reducing the amount of text per page, favoring more, shorter pages over fewer but longer pages. This was necessary to make the content flow naturally on mobile, but also even on desktop displays it was designed in such a way as to funnel visitors to various areas of the site without overwhelming them with text. The underlying philosophy is to give the visitors what they want at any given time, but also without giving too much.

Unitarian Universalist Conngregation of Rockville
Rockville, Maryland
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