Load times are an important factor in user experience, bounce rates, and SEO. By optimizing your Drupal site's performance we ensure blazing fast load times and happy visitors - and happy search engines.

Benefits of High Performance Drupal:

  • Faster page load times leading to increased user "stickiness" and retention.
  • Reduced bounce rates.
  • A more pleasant overall user experience.
  • Better placement in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Google prefers fast-loading sites.

Drupal Performance Services:

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  • Apache and Nginx configuration and tuning
  • Drupal caching configuration, including gzip compression, CSS and JavaScript minification and compression, and more
  • Varnish configuration for significantly faster speeds
  • Memcache can replace Drupal's built-in caching for sizeable performance gains.
  • APC speeds up PHP code parsing
  • Client-side optimization: we reduce the number of HTTP requests, minify and shrink file sizes, use image sprites when possible, and delay loading elements when possible.
  • MySQL tuning to keep your database humming. We've solved problems with databases running out of disk space, getting corrupted, not using InnoDB, etc. 
  • Moving functionality to off-site providers when possible. For example, rather than relying on Drupal's built-in commenting you could use Disqus, for newsletters you could use an external service like MailChimp, and so on. Such moves help reduce the load on the server, and also make future upgrades and CMS migrations easier.
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