Armitage Gone! Dance

Design, development and support

New York, NY

Karole Armitage’s Broadway dance company, Armitage Gone! Dance, has been breaking new ground in modern dance and ballet for nearly two decades, and has worked with David Salle, Jeff Koons, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many others. Her work crosses artistic boundaries and promotes cross-fertilization between disciplines.

When Armitage Gone! Dance approached us, they did not yet have a site for their company, though there was one for Karole Armitage herself. We were provided with an initial site concept consisting of nine squares for the different content areas, and used this for the main page, while unwrapping the nine-square into a row of nine squares for the content pages. Content pages contain large images, which the user must negotiate before accessing actual content. All this can be done in three clicks or less, yet it enhances the site’s visual appeal immensely without losing clarity. The site was set up for Macromedia Contribute compatibility so that our client’s team can update the content without any outside help.

In May 2009 we converted the site to Joomla, enabling the Armitage staff to more easily make updates, and opening up new possibilities such as image galleries and embedded video. Since then we have maintained it and made it mobile friendly.