Design, WordPress multisite migration, development, and support

Washington, DC

In 2020 we designed and built a new WordPress site to house the various web properties ATIS has been maintaining for years. Some of those were standalone WordPress sites, others ran ASP, and others were simply standalone HTML sites. With the exception of a few standalone HTML sites, these have been brought under the umbrella of a single WordPress multisite installation.

The new site needed to reflect the initiatives, committees, and ongoing efforts at ATIS. This was achieved using custom post types, an overview page for the various initiatives, and landing pages for the various initiative types. We wrote a custom plugin to define the various post types needed, and also used it to create various functions and shortcodes that are used throughout the site.

The project also called for extensive use of tagging. We set up a Technologies page to give visitors a way to browse by topic. On this page we implemented SVG icons, as well.