East Harlem Block Nursery

NY schools operating since 1965

East Harlem Block Nursery, Inc. (EHBN) is a grassroots education-based nonprofit organization. Its history is rooted in the vibrant activism and advocacy of the 1960s. EHBN grew from a response to the neighborhood’s lack of childcare alternatives. It comprises three schools located throughout Harlem, offering a safe, nurturing and holistic learning experience for our community’s toddlers and pre-kindergarteners. 

EHBN did not yet have a site, although they were active on Facebook. When the time came for a site, we were asked to work with them through the design and copy-writing process, working closely with their in-house copy-editor. The resulting site is a mobile-friendly Drupal 7 web site which can grow with EHBN's needs.

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Project Location
New York, NY