NCS Technologies

Drupal support, theming, and responsive enhancements

Gainesville, VA

NCS Technologies provides innovative computing solutions globally to government agencies, the military and enterprises. NCS solutions include highly customizable x86 desktops and workstations, patented PCoIP zero client devices, turn-key, end-to- end VDI, and custom-built high-performance servers. NCS produces its own products and also sells computers and peripherals from HP, Lenovo, Getac, ASUS, Lexmark, Dell, Samsung and Hyundai IBT.

In 2015 we took over management of NCS Technologies’ Drupal 7 site. It was not responsive, and it lacked many of the features we normally install and configure for customers. Since then we gradually introduced new features to make better tap into Drupal’s potential, for example using better permissions, content types, fields, the Context module, queues, and more. One major feature we added was a portal for partners, providing resources such as technical PDFs. We also made the site responsive.