online wine seller

A Dutch online wine seller with a unique elegant look. The site was designed to appeal to the 25-40 age group, who would be more receptive to purchasing wine online. The site is built with Joomla, and the e-commerce is handled by VirtueMart, a Joomla extension. It has been set up for credit card transactions, and for Dutch customers bank transfers are possible using an iDeal plugin. The site also offers an iPhone app.

The site is multilingual and is available in English, Dutch, and German. Using Joomla the client is able to maintain all content including all translations themselves.

The design make use of some "Web 2.0" JavaScript libraries for Flash-like rollover effects. These have all been designed to maximize SEO performance by avoiding complicated Flash workarounds altogether. The site also has an automatically generated sitemap for use with Google and Yahoo sitemaps - also giving an SEO boost.

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Project Location
The Hague, the Netherlands

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