We create and maintain beautiful, effective and user-centric sites with Drupal. We also build sites with Joomla and WordPress, because in some cases these just make more sense for a given set of customer requirements. 

Our Process:

Phase 1: Discovery

During discovery we dig deep to find out about you, your goals, pain points, stakeholders, audience, and what you would consider a successful website. We'll parse what we've learned from you into wireframes, mockups, personas, requirements analysis, and technical specification. By the end of Discovery you will receive a project plan mapping out precisely what the end result will be - with flexibility for revisions and design changes built in. 

Phase 2: Design, Build, Training and Launch

Using an agile project methodology (short, iterative cycles) we put the project plan into action, implementing design and feature decisions from Discovery and refining them with your input along the way. We strongly favor a collaborative, iterative approach to the design process. Regular check-ins help you keep an eye on the budget, and give you opportunities to change direction. After taming the content and quashing the bugs, we plan the site launch and initiate training. Starting training prior to launch helps get your staff comfortable with managing your new site so they can hit the ground running once it's live.

Phase 3: Support & Maintenance

We're here for you, whether you have an in-house team or no team at all. Sites we build are nearly 100% manageable by non-techies, as far as day-to-day content maintenance is concerned. This allows you to focus our talents (and your budget) on feature enhancements and design revisions to help keep your site evolving and improving. Our maintenance contracts run the gamut from purely technical maintenance tasks to in-depth maintenance services (SEO, design improvements, custom programming). Together we'll find a perfect balance. We offer tiered hourly rates with a potential savings of 25% for long-term projects.