ADA Section 508 Compliance

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We Help Customers Achieve and Maintain Accessibility

Accessibility is a core component of everything we do. We will evaluate your site page-by-page ensuring any and all accessibility requirements are fulfilled, making sure any visitor to your site who lives with a disability has the means necessary to experience your site in its entirety.

508 Compliant Website Design Services

Having a clear understanding of the accessibility requirements and the knowledge to translate the requirements into technical solutions is essential when building a 508-compliant website. Plethora Design has expert knowledge of how people with disabilities interact with information technology and we are well-versed in the requirements within the Section 508 legislation.

Not only do we provide a website that all users can effectively access, we design websites with forward-compatibility, ensuring that as browsers continue to evolve, your website remains constantly functional for all visitors.

Depending on your situation, we may need to target WCAG 2.0 AA or AAA level conformance.

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What is 508 Compliance?

The Section 508 legislation is an amendment to the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, signed into law by President Clinton in 1998. This amendment requires the information technology of Federal Agencies, including websites, to be accessible to those with disabilities. The burden is on the Federal Agency to maintain the website and ensure users with disabilities have access to and use of information comparable to that of the general public. While the experience may not be exactly the same, all users must be able to access the same information, including images and media files, as well as perform common tasks, such as making a purchase or filling out a form on your site.

If you are a federal institution or a direct vendor to the Federal government, your business must comply with federally regulated guidelines for Section 508, including web site accessibility. Plethora Design 508 Compliance solutions meet all the accessibility requirements outlined in this legislation. In knowing how to satisfy these conditions, we are able to provide exceptional websites that adhere to the requirements of this act. 

While not mandated for the general public, having a 508-compliant site increases your base of potential customers. Roughly 19% of the population is living with some type of disability, and ensuring your site is accessible to this population is certainly to your company or organization's benefit. Don't miss out on potential sales because your site is not accessible to 19% of the population. Even if your website is strictly consumer-based and 508-compliance is not a requirement for you, we can help you make certain you're reaching all of your potential customers!

Web Accessibility Auditing

Having a design that is focused on the visitor typically requires making sure the flow of navigation and organization of your website meets end-user expectations. We will analyze the layout and navigation of your site to ensure it satisfies user requirements. Additionally, we will make sure the pages and design elements within your site are visible and accessible to all users.

In order to ensure your site encompasses 508-compliant web accessible content, we will assess all information, images and other media files within your site. In addition, we will verify all users have the ability to make purchases and complete online forms successfully.


Accessibility Audit Plans

Our team will evaluate your website and provide actionable, detailed recommendations that help you make your site accessible.

15 Pages

  • Screen reader & web browser testing
  • Assisting your team with compliance
  • Page by page analysis
  • Manual HTML, web form, link/button, color contrast, media files transcription audit
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Executive final report summary
  • Detailed final project reporting (Excel)
  • VPAT (as needed)
  • Additional pages @ $35/page

25 Pages

  • All of Basic plus:
  • Receive custom-recorded screencasts to help your development team
  • Up to two live one-hour video teleconference sessions to help your team address accessibility issues
  • Additional pages @ $30/page

Custom Quote
  • Any of the services in the Basic or Standard plans, or any other accessibility compliance services you might need.
  • If your team is facing difficulties implementing code fixes, we can help on that front. Our team can help bring your code and content into compliance. This needs to be estimated separately and is not part of the audit plans above.

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