API Integration, CRMs, ERPs

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CRM Integration

Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, MS Dynamics 365, CiviCRM and other CRMs can be integrated into your site. For example, to capture key user data from form submissions. We have experience with CRM integrations in both Drupal and WordPress, as well as custom applications.

You can display your organization's job openings on your site, and we can help customize this for your specific needs.

ERP Integration

Human Resource Management Systems

We have built integrations for Glassdoor, Deltek, Epicor, GR8 People, Greenhouse and other ERP / human resource management systems. These typically don't always offer WordPress plugins or Drupal modules, and often require custom implementation. Some may offer embed codes or integrations, but those can be limiting, depending on your desired functionality or design.

Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Financial Processes

SouthWare and Acumatica are two widely used ERP systems, and both offer ways of integrating them with your website. We work with partner ERP service firms; they offer solid support for the ERP while our focus is on the integration.

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Other APIs, Custom APIs

There are of course many other APIs out there, and we can work with those as well. We also have build custom REST APIs, for example using Drupal or WordPress.

Here are a few recent examples:

  • An integration for a customer’s energy meter, displayed on their site.
  • Google Sheets integration to display data using Leaflet maps
  • Drupal REST endpoints for use by SharePoint calendar and other external systems