Mobile-friendly / Responsive Design

Mobile-optimized Websites

Mobile web browsing is here to stay and is increasing rapidly. Most new sites we develop these days are built with responsive design in mind. It pays to pay attention to how your website displays on mobile devices. After all, that is how many of your visitors view your site.

How we can help:

  • Improving your site's display on mobile devices.
  • Building a brand-new mobile-friendly site.
  • Customizing the user experience for mobile users
  • Mobile-specific messaging ("Welcome, iPhone user! Check out or app .."). 
  • Mobile-optimized content
  • Moving away from Flash. If your site uses Flash, your visitors using mobile devices are missing out. Flash does not run on iPad & iPhone's iOS platform.

You may not need an app, but ensuring that your site is usable by mobile visitors is advisable, and it may surprise you how affordable it can be.

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