Web Site Support and Maintenance

We work with your team to address challenges at every level of the stack from development to hosting, security, editing, and training. We work with a wide range of maintenance and support models.


Pro-active Drupal / WordPress security updates and up-time management

It's important to keep your website and server updated. We can handle this for you using a fixed monthly fee, hourly billing, or using a pre-paid bucket of hours.

Drupal does not support automatic module or core updates; those have to be run manually. That's a good thing because it means every update goes through review by humans (us), ensuring it ran correctly and didn't introduce issues into the site.

Although WordPress supports automatic updates, it isn't always a good idea to enable that because an update could introduce a bug or even take your site down overnight, and the issue may not be noticed for some time. Automatic updates can be OK on less mission-critical sites as long as there are reliable automated backups in place (many web hosts offer that), but then someone will need to a) notice that there is an issue and b) restore the backup. We handle this for you.

We employ up-time monitoring to ensure your site stays online, and take action to rectify downtime swiftly and effectively. 

Disaster Prevention / Disaster Recovery

Nobody likes code regressions, hacks, bugs and other website or server issues. We help customers put in place safeguards to prevent such issues.

You should have automatic backups to fall back on in case something goes wrong (upgrade issues, hacks, code regressions etc). However, those can be insufficient because they may only go a few days, and you might not discover the problem until it is too late.

We run security updates within 24 hours of release and back up your site before we do so. We maintain the most recent backup at least until the next update is run, and updates are typically not needed more frequently than every week, which is enough time for issues to be spotted.

Most sites we're involved in use a multi-environment setup (Dev / Staging / Prod), and most use Git version control.

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Let us help your team get the most out of your website. We offer live video teleconference training sessions as well as how-to screencasts. These are added to a private documentation library, assuring smoother knowledge transfer when you encounter staff turnover. Each site we build gets an internal help page containing custom how-to videos tailored to that site and your specific needs.