Need a webmaster? We'll help you maintain your site.

Getting your website built is just the beginning: you need to keep it up to date. That means changing content, upgrading software (such as Drupal / Joomla /WordPress), maintaining security, and other maintenance tasks. Whether it's adding a web form, converting the site to a content management system, managing e-mail and DNS setup, troubleshooting browser display issues, or anything else, we have most likely solved it before.

We offer maintenance on a monthly fee basis, but can also quote tasks on a fixed-cost task-by-task basis, for those who may not need maintenance done as frequently. Either way, your costs are predictable and reasonable. We offer very fast turnaround; most updates are completed within 48 hours.

If you have us build your site, we would like to stay involved afterwards by maintaining it for you after it has been launched. We offer one month free support after your site is live, during which we train you so you can edit your site. If, however, you decide you don't want to maintain it yourself, you can send us your updates by e-mail or as Word attachments, and we'll update your pages for you.


Pro-active Drupal / WordPress security update and up-time management for just $200/month.

So, you got your new site launched. Congratulations! Now it's time to think about how you will maintain it. Perhaps you don't have a dedicated web person, or your web person has other duties and would like some help.

Drupal and WordPress both require ongoing security updates. While WordPress does offer automatic updates via plugins and custom code, Drupal does not (other than via the experimental Automatic Updates module). While you could forgo these security updates and take a chance of getting hacked, you would certainly be taking a certain risk.

Disaster Prevention / Disaster Recovery

Perhaps you have automatic backups to fall back on if you do get hacked, but a lot of times those are insufficient because they only go back a few days, and you might not discover the problem until it is too late.

This is where Plethora comes in. We stay on top of this for you. We run the updates manually within 24 hours of the security patch coming out, and back up your site manually before we do so. We set up up-time monitoring to ensure your site stays online, and take action to rectify downtime swiftly and effectively. Think of it as a form of insurance.


Contact us about maintaining your website. 

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